Cockroach Treatment

    Cockroaches are the worst household pests one has to deal with, they come in search of food and hide in cracks and crevices in the wall, shelves drains and unused kitchen appliances. Cockroaches carry several diseases with them causing serious problem to human life. Thus, it is very important to conduct cockroach control in home and get rid of the cockroach menace at the earliest. Pest Pro cockroach control service is among the best pest control services in the country. We take utmost care while handling any form of chemicals prior to and after the cockroach control services.

    Pest control for cockroaches is very critical, salmonella, dysentery, diphtheria typhoid are only a few diseases caused by cockroaches. They also carry allergens like asthma, eczema and their presence at homes is a bigger risk for children's and elders. Most parts of India provide the right temperature for cockroaches to breed quickly. Reaching out to experts at the first sight of these pests is vital to get rid of them at the earliest.


  • Quick knock down effect & kills all stages of cockroaches.
  • Exterminates roaches from its hiding places such as- cracks and crevices in the wall, vents, drainage area, trash can, kitchen Sinks, bedrooms, bathrooms etc

Precautionary Measures To Be Taken:

  • Remove utensils, raw & cooked food from the kitchen cabinets, cover it properly so as to avoid any accidental fall of insecticide on them
  • We recommend children below 5 years, pregnant women & people allergic to chemicals to stay out for at least 1 day and other family members for 4-6 hours after the service
  • After a pest control treatment is finished, open doors and windows to let fresh air blow into the rooms.
  • We recommend you to mop the floor/kitchen cabinet, with water & detergent after 6-7 hours & don’t directly inhale the chemical while cleaning, wash your hands thoroughly.
  • Time required for the Chemical treatment is approx. 1-2 Hrs depending on the area.

Gel & Herbal Paste

  • Gel has cascading effect.
  • Roaches consume the bait and are killed by the active ingredient.
  • It is non smelly, non-messy.

Precautionary Measures To Be Taken:

  • No need to leave the premises during or after the treatment
  • No need to empty kitchen cabinets, cupboards, drawers etc.
  • Post Clean-up is not required
  • Do not clean / wash the gel applied.
  • Time required for the Chemical treatment is approx. 1-2 Hrs depending on the area