Integrated fly management techniques to control all flies

Flies have always been a problem buzzing around premises in small or large numbers. Some fly species can be of risk to you and your family's health. House flies are carriers of serious diseases like dysentery, diarrhoea, typhoid, and cholera. As hygiene is a major issue in India, the transmission of such diseases through flies have a high chance. Therefore, pest control for flies is important and we at pest pro provide one-of-a-kind pest control services for flies of all kinds.

Chemical measures

  • Chemicals (Aerosols – Chemicals that combine with air) are normally suggested to control adult flies. Breeding places has to be treated with suitable insecticides to control maggots.

Mechanical measures

  • Structural Barriers like Air curtains, screens etc, Electronic fly killers, Pheromone traps, Lures, Yellow tape, etc.

Pre and Post Treatment measures:

  • Remove utensils, raw & cooked food from the kitchen cabinets, cover it properly so as to avoid any accidental fall of insecticide on them.
  • We recommend children below 5 years, pregnant women & people allergic to chemicals to stay out for at least 1 day and other family members for 4-6 hours after the service.
  • After a pest control treatment is finished, open doors and windows to let the fresh air blow into the rooms
  • We recommend you to mop the floor/kitchen cabinet, with water & detergent after 6-7 hours & don’t directly inhale the chemical while cleaning, wash your hands thoroughly.
  • Time required for the Chemical treatment is approx. 1-2 Hrs depending on the area.