Lizard and Spider

Lizards do not pose any direct harm to people. Lizards do not carry any diseases but they are known to carry the salmonella bacteria on their skin which can harm humans. Lizards are mostly found in cabinets, under the kitchen sink, switchboards, and cluttered environment. Spiders are also known not to harm any human unless threatened. Lizard control in home and offices with spider pest control services is suggested. Reach out to us at Pest Pro for the best, pest control for spiders and lizard control service of top-notch quality.

Chemical Measures

  • We use a special formulation having contact action, which subsequently proves fatal.
  • Spot Treatments will render for Lizard because of their thick cuticle.

0Pre and Post Treatment measures:

  • Remove utensils, raw & cooked food from the kitchen cabinets, cover it properly so as to avoid any accidental fall of insecticide on them.
  • We recommend children below 5 years, pregnant women & people allergic to chemicals to stay out for at least 1 day and other family members for 4-6 hours after the service.
  • After a pest control treatment is finished, open doors and windows to let fresh air blow into the rooms.
  • We recommend you to mop the floor/kitchen cabinet, with water & detergent after 6-7 hours & don’t directly inhale the chemical while cleaning, wash your hands thoroughly.
  • Time required for the Chemical treatment is approx. 1-2 Hrs depending on the area.

Mechanical Measure

  • Using Lizard glue traps around lights as lizards come out to eat flies & they are attracted towards white light.