Lizard and Spider

Chemical Measures

  • We use a special formulation having contact action, which subsequently proves fatal.
  • Spot Treatments will render for Lizard because of their thick cuticle.

Pre and Post Treatment measures:

  • Remove utensils, raw & cooked food from the kitchen cabinets, cover it properly so as to avoid any accidental fall of insecticide on them.
  • We recommend children below 5 years, pregnant women & people allergic to chemicals to stay out for at least 1 day and other family members for 4-6 hours after the service.
  • After a pest control treatment is finished, open doors and windows to let fresh air blow into the rooms.
  • We recommend you to mop the floor/kitchen cabinet, with water & detergent after 6-7 hours & don’t directly inhale the chemical while cleaning, wash your hands thoroughly.
  • Time required for the Chemical treatment is approx. 1-2 Hrs depending on the area.

Mechanical Measure

  • Using Lizard glue traps around lights as lizards come out to eat flies & they are attracted towards white light.