Integrated Mosquito Management

Mosquitoes are an all-time nuisance, their bites leave an itching sensation for a long time and also keep you awake at nights. Mosquitoes are also known for carrying fatal diseases, most prominent ones being malaria, dengue, chikungunya and in few cases Japanese B encephalitis. There are a lot of DYI products available in the market, but their usage only deals with smaller mosquito problems and provide temporary solutions. A professional pest control services are essential to deal with larger mosquito species. At pest pro, we offer a specialized Integrated Mosquito Management treatment for all kinds of mosquito species and a mosquito-free environment.

  • Effective Integrated Mosquito Management (IMM) involves understanding the local mosquito ecology and patterns of arbovirus transmission and then selecting the appropriate mosquito control tools.
  • Larvicide Treatment: Reduction of Mosquito involves preventing development of mosquito larvae.
  • Cold Fogging: Is usually carried out in the form of a fine spray made to the surface where mosquitoes may come in contact.
  • Misting: This service is carried out on vegetation , where male and female mosquitoes rests.